Cancellation Policy


Refund terms vary depending on your payment method and the remaining time of your stay.

Cancellation and refund terms are stated in detail on the reservation page of each holiday home on the platform.

Refund terms generally are as follows:



Prepaid reservations (EFT, money order, credit card or cash payments), which corresponds to 35% of the total fee made to the guzelvillam account.

From the moment you make a payment until 30 days prior to villa arrival ……… Loss of deposit

15-29 days prior to villa arrival  ……….… 50% of total cost

14-00 days prior to villa arrival ……..……100% of total cost

In the event of full payment to GüzelVillam (EFT, money order, credit card or cash)

From the moment you make a payment until 30 days prior to villa arrival ……… Loss of deposit 

15-29 days prior to villa arrival ….… 67.5% of total cost + transfer costs = 32.5% refund

14-00 days prior to villa arrival ….… No refund

Refunds will be made to an account number provided by the guest.

In addition, some of our villas are private (specified on the villa detail page), the entire deposit paid and the total villa/holiday rental, rental fee specific to these villas {villas that need to be paid 30/60 days before the reservation date) are non-refundable.

If the customer fails to make the remaining payment on time, GüzelVillam reserves the right to cancel the reservation in question, not to refund the previously paid fee and to allow another reservation for this property.

Reservation cancellations should be made in writing (e-mail or snail mail). Cancellations made by phone are not valid. Cancellations are valid from the moment the letter is received by GüzelVillam.


Guzelvillam has the right to cancel your reservation in case of unforeseen situations such as water or power problems, earthquakes, etc.

In these and similar cases, Guzelvillam is obliged to return the entire payment to the guest. Depending on the wishes and desires of the guest, Güzelvillam tries to offer alternative houses in the setting of the least rented property. The guest can choose one of the alternative properties, or request a refund of the entire payment made by canceling the reservation. 


You have the right to make changes to the dates you booked up to 30 days prior to your arrival. Administration fees are 100TL.


The tenant must pay a security deposit before the start of the rental period. The amount varies depending on the property and will be notified to you with the booking confirmation. The amount of the respective deposit can be found on our website "" in the villa/holiday rental description. The security deposit must be paid in cash at the latest on the day of arrival at your rental home. In the event that the tenant wants to leave the villa /holiday rental at an earlier time than specified in the contract, or if the villa /holiday rental exit control cannot be made for whatever reason, the deposit will be sent to an account number to be taken from the tenant. If the damage to the villa/cottage exceeds the deposit received, the tenant will be asked to pay for this damage, otherwise legal action will be taken.


Pursuant to Article 15 (g) of the Regulation on Distance Contracts prepared on the basis of Articles 48 and 84 of the Law no. 6502 on Consumer Protection, accommodation, transport of goods, car rental, catering and the consumer cannot exercise his right of withdrawal in contracts for the evaluation of leisure time for entertainment or recreation purposes.