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This agreement is made among the persons who rent the “Villa/Holiday rental”{name_surname}{national_id} ID number (hereinafter referred to as the "renter")  and he who gives the “Villa / Holiday rental” to rent "Birikim Su Sistemleri İmalat İnş. Taah. “” , in order to rent the “Villa/ Holiday rental” for a time interval where the starting and ending dates are determined. The persons who wish to rent the Villas / Holiday rental that are announced on the internet web site named as “” are deemed to accept the entire terms stated below and the firm shall not be held responsible for the problems that arise. In case of any actions violating the below stated terms, “” is granted with the authority to unilaterally cancel the agreement. It is also granted with the right to demand the customer to leave the rented Villa / Holiday rental and  for the firm “” not to return the down payment and deposit. In order to prevent the occurrence of such situations, the persons who rent the aforementioned accommodation places must act in compliance with all the terms.



The villas / Holiday rentals are found on our website "". Online reservations can be made directly on our website "". For online reservations made on our website ""; The renter, who requests payment by credit card, can pay the rental deposit amount or the entire payment by credit card through our system at the first reservation stage, as directed by the system. For reservations with the first deposit payment by credit card, the remaining payment amount is made in cash at the entrance of the villa. Credit card payments are made through PAYTM online payment infrastructure systems. Since a 3D secure security system is used for payments, a security code is sent to the registered mobile phone of the person making the payment and the payment is thus confirmed by the bank. These transactions are sent to banks with a 256 bit encryption system and no records are kept regarding this. The server is responsible for the malfunctions caused by the banking systems


Villa / Holiday rentals. marketed by "". Pre-reservations can be made by filling out the pre-reservation form on our "" website or by contacting our customer representatives via telephone or e-mail.

Within the framework of the renting conditions that belong to "", the required contact information must be shared with the firm "" also by stating the preferred dates for the villa demanded to be rented and accommodated. In this way, the pre-lease process,also called pre-reservation, is completed. "Star Villas Turkey" demands 35% of the total price from its clients as down payment after the pre-reservation is made. The down payment must be paid within 1 business day following the pre-lease process.

When the deposit is received, a reservation confirmation is sent to you in writing (fax, e-mail) within 24 hours at the latest, the total fee, the amount of the deposit received and the dates on which the villa has been reserved on your behalf are stated in the reservation confirmation. In case the deposit is not deposited, "Star Villas Turkey" will be able to use the right to cancel the pre-reservation and get another reservation for the villa / Holiday rental without informing the renter.

As the "Star Villas Turkey" firm rents all of the villas with furniture, against any possibility of damage to the furniture, it demands a deposit from its clients (500 TL / 2000 TL). Such deposit is taken in cash during the delivery of the villa to the client. The deposit taken shall be returned to the clients in the same amount provided that the existing fixtures are not damaged. In order to eliminate the possibility of undesired and expected situations to happen, "Star Villas Turkey" recommends the clients to keep the stated deposit amount in cash.


Check-in time to the Villa/ Holiday rental is 16:00 at the earliest and 21:00 at the latest. The clients can never enter earlier than the time determined by the firm and the property owner.

In case of arrival after the latest check-in time, the renter can not enter the villa /holiday rental.  The renter will be able to enter the villa/holiday rental the next morning from 08:30 onwards. If the renter  arrives before or after the specified times and problems arise such as the inability to enter the villa/holiday rental,  unable to find accommodation, etc. "Star Villas Turkey" cannot be held responsible. The renter must find the place where he will spend the night and pay the accommodation fee himself. "Star Villas Turkey" cannot be held responsible for such situations. Departure time is determined as 10.00 o’clock. To avoid any problems, the renter  must make their plans by basing on such hours. Also in case of early departure, "Star Villas Turkey" should be informed a minimum 24 hours before. Deposit checks may not be made during departures in periods such as high seasons. In such cases, the deposit amount is transferred to the bank account of the client. If the client wishes to leave the property earlier than the determined date, the amount paid shall never be returned back. The clients are deemed to accept this term when signing the agreement.


Guests exceeding the capacity specified on our website "www.starvillasturkey" or the number of people specified while making the reservation are not accepted. (Including children and babies). If a change in the number of persons shall be made after the completion of the reservation procedures, "Star Villas Turkey" shall be first informed. The firm "" shall approve the change if it deems appropriate. In the case that additional persons accommodate, the firm "Star Villas Turkey" may demand extra price from the clients. Any person except for those that are included in the reservation name list shall not be accepted in the property. In any case contrary to this, "Star Villas Turkey" or the property owner have the right to demand from the renter  to leave the property. Such persons or organisations may cancel the reservation or directly demand the property to be emptied. Full price and also extra prices may be demanded. This process is completed  depending on the initiative of "Star Villas Turkey" or the property owner. Also, the renter  commits that all the information that they give during the agreement is correct. Only the renter  shall be held responsible for giving wrong information.


Entrance cleaning is included in the villa renting prices. 2nd cleaning and renewal costs are also included in the price paid by the guests who are accommodated longer than 1 week. For additional cleaning and services such as sheets and towels except from these, require extra price payment. Garden and pool care expenses, to be made during morning hours, are met by Star Villas Turkey and all maintenance costs belong to the firm. For the required controls to be made, the task staff have to enter the property. And for this the clients must give permission to the staff. In case that the contrary is stated, the renter  will be responsible for the failure of these services. Unless otherwise specified on the detail page, electricity, water, bottled gas, pool lighting, internet connection and air conditioning usage are included in the prices. It is recommended that you read the details on our properties page carefully.


Pets are not allowed in the Villas/Holiday Rentals, unless otherwise stated. Smoking in closed areas is prohibited.


The prices on our internet website "" are regulated on a monthly, weekly or daily basis. For the reservation to be completed, the stated 35% down payment amount must be transferred to the firm's "Star Villas Turkey" account by credit card or transfer/EFT methods.


Payments made to the bank accounts of "Star Villas Turkey", in cancelling procedures made up to 30 days, no returns shall be made and thus, pre-payments shall be held. All payments made shall be transferred to the villa owner. The remaining amount shall be collected from the renter  by "Star Villas Turkey" personally.

The renter  naturally has a right to cancel their holiday before the journey starts. However, in this case, "Star Villas Turkey '' has to be informed in writing. After the cancellation procedure is completed, total considerations of the expenses and costs made (by cash, credit card, EFT - money order and mail order)  are collected from the renter . In calculating the amount to be reimbursed, certain issues are essential.  The down (pre-)payment transferred to the account for reservation is not returned in any case.

Cancellation conditions;

A) There is absolutely no refund of the 35% deposit charged by us for the villa rental transaction.

B) If the cancellation procedure is made 30 days before the determined dates, 35% of the total accommodation price shall be paid.

C) If the cancellation procedure is made 29 days before the determined dates, 100% of the total accommodation price has to be paid.

D) If the rental process is canceled by "Star Villas Turkey" for any reason; This notification will be made by us as soon as possible. At the same time, if there is another villa with the same features available for the same period in our portfolio, it will be suggested to the renter . In cases of force majeure (earthquake, flood, disaster, etc.), the entire payment received will be returned to the renter .

E) If you do not come to the specified villa/holiday rental after the rental transaction you have made through "Star Villas Turkey" and you leave early, no refund will be made in any way.

F) Some villas /holiday rentals in our portfolio might have a special cancellation policy, it is definitely stated in the information section of the villa.

G) In return transactions that will be requested by you, notifications made by mail or registered mail will be taken as a basis, and they will be valid from the moment they reach us.

H) In the event that the renter  does not make the remaining payment on time after the deposit payment, "Star Villas Turkey" reserves the lease of the specified villa to other parties.


Deposit prices change depending on the qualities of the villas, a different amount of damage deposit will be charged to the renter . This deposit amount will be written in the confirmation document sent to the renter  during the reservation process. Damage deposit from the renter  to the villa / Holiday Rental. will be collected in cash on the day of arrival by the renter  to the villa /Holiday Rental. Damage control will be made before the renter  leaves the villa /Holiday Rental.

If there is no problem in the fixture during departure from the property, it shall be returned to the client in the equal amount. If the client decides to leave at an earlier hour than the determined hours, and no damages are detected during the later controls, deposit amount shall be transferred to the client’s account. If the damage made on the property is at a larger amount than the deposit, this amount shall be collected from the client. If the client has any objections, the matter shall be made legal..


Temperatures of the villa's pools are regulated according to the season. So, the renter  does not have any right to complain about whether the pool is too hot or cold.  can not be held responsible. The renter  of the villa may obtain detailed information from the meteorology service.


"Star Villas Turkey" is responsible to make the property ready and clean before the renter  Checks-in. If there is any broken, non-working or malfunctioning item detected by the renter  during entrance to the property, "Star Villas Turkey" should be informed immediately.  The owner of the Villa/ Holiday Rental will be informed by "Star Villas Turkey" and  ensure that this problem is fixed within 48 hours. "Star Villas Turkey" is not responsible for the elimination of the problem, it helps to eliminate the problem. "Star Villas Turkey" cannot be held responsible for malfunctions that are not notified on time. "Star Villas Turkey" is an intermediary between the owner and the renter  of the villa /holiday rental. It is the owner of the Villa / holiday rental that is responsible. Other than that, any accident, illness, injury, drowning in the pool, death, etc., that may occur are under the responsibility of the renter . "Star Villas Turkey" cannot be held responsible in case of illness, theft, fire etc. Apart from this, "Star Villas Turkey" is not responsible for any problems that may arise from any 3rd parties, companies and services such as shopping, food, beverage, entertainment, transportation, travel, guidance services.

Additionally, if the renter  did not inform "Star Villas Turkey" of problems during the time of accommodation at the villa/holiday rental, the renter  can not make any complaints about lack of services or comfort in any way after leaving the villa/holiday rental.


None of the villas/ holiday rental properties on our website "" belong to "Star Villas Turkey". "Star Villas Turkey" is solely a broker acting as a bridge between the buyer and the seller. Thus, "Star Villas Turkey" only issues a broker invoice. In short, only a certain amount of broker fee is collected from the price received. All remaining profit is transferred to the account of the  Villa /holiday rental property owner. Later, the property owner pays the income tax to the state. "Star Villas Turkey" is only liable to pay tax on the basis of the income it earns. It cannot be held liable for the taxing of the price earned by third parties, institutions, individuals, companies.


The renter  of the Villa /holiday rental is responsible for all kitchen tools, pool, garden furniture, electrical and electronic equipment erc. to remain in good condition as was delivered to them. In cases where the villa is left unreasonably dirty, "Star Villas Turkey'' will collect a cleaning fee from the damage deposit. The renter  has to inform "Star Villas Turkey'' about any problem occurring at the property during their stay. All kinds of problems are eliminated on the deposit. If the deposit is not sufficient, additional cash price may be demanded.

In addition, the renter  and his associates should take care to obey social and moral rules, not to make noise in a way that disturbs the environment, not to listen to loud music, and not to commit criminal acts prohibited by the laws of our country. For such reasons, if a "Star Villas Turkey" complaint is received about the renter  and his/her accompanying persons, "Star Villas Turkey" will request the renter  to leave the Villa /holiday rental property even before the reservation period ends.

The pools of the villas called religious or conservative are not seen from outside. However, "Star Villas Turkey" does not provide 100% guarantee about this issue. Regarding visibility, all clients must be careful about their privacy. In such and similar cases "Star Villas Turkey" cannot be held responsible in any way.


In cases that fall within the scope of force majeure, "Star Villas Turkey" may terminate this contract unilaterally without any legal liability. War, threat of war, riots, strikes, natural disasters, fires, terrorist activities, epidemics, technical problems that may occur in transportation in the region or in the country. Superstructure and infrastructure works carried out by the municipalities or public institutions, which cannot be prevented by the "Star Villas Turkey", the prohibitions of state officials in the region and all events that are not foreseen and that occur beyond our control will be evaluated within the scope of force majeure.


Renters have to report their complaints during their stay at the villa /holiday rental property to "Star Villas Turkey". The complaint situation shall be evaluated by the firm "Star Villas Turkey" officials. Necessary measures will be taken immediately.

If the problems that are not informed during the accommodation are informed after the completion of the accommodation, "Star Villas Turkey" cannot be held liable for this situation. Thus, the events lived have to be informed to the firm "Star Villas Turkey" at that moment.


"Star Villas Turkey" will not disclose personal information to any company or third parties, except as defined in this Privacy Policy and User Agreement. "Star Villas Turkey" never shares the personal information of visitors, registered users and partners with third parties. Personal information refers to all kinds of information to identify the user such as name, surname, address, telephone number, e-mail address. "Star Villas Turkey" will be able to use personal information for the purpose of determining user profiles and making statistical studies within its own structure and will only be able to share it with third parties for the purpose of performing these studies. "Star Villas Turkey" keeps personal information strictly private and confidential, to consider it as a confidentiality obligation, to ensure and maintain confidentiality, to take the necessary measures to prevent all or any part of confidential information from entering the public domain or unauthorized use or disclosure to a third party. and undertakes to show the necessary care. Although "Star Villas Turkey" takes the necessary information security measures, "Star Villas Turkey" will not have any responsibility in the event that confidential information is damaged or captured by third parties as a result of attacks on "" and the system. . It may link to other sites within the "" site. "" does not bear any responsibility for the privacy practices and contents of the sites accessed through the link. "" determines and uses IP addresses of users when necessary. IP addresses can also be used to identify users in general and to collect comprehensive demographic information.


1) "Star Villas Turkey" is not responsible for damaged or rough roads during transportation to the villa. "Star Villas Turkey" only gives service for the property and the property garden. Transportation to the villa is not included in this service.

2) "Star Villas Turkey" is not responsible for the accidents and adverse situations during transportation to the villa.

3) "Star Villas Turkey" is not responsible for the health problems arising from the materials used during the construction of the properties. The problems to be suffered by the persons having allergies against different materials are only related with the clients and the solutions should be found by them.

4) All our clients renting the villas/ holiday properties need personal vehicles. However, this need should be met by the client. "Star Villas Turkey" cannot be held responsible for the lack of its fulfilment.

5) The renter may provide a taxi, transfer vehicle or rental vehicle from third parties. "Star Villas Turkey" does not interfere with the transfer or taxi service to be rented or rented from third parties. These transactions are under the responsibility of the renter .

6) "Star Villas Turkey" cannot be held responsible for the dissatisfaction of the rented villa/holiday rental properties due to its geographical location. "Star Villas Turkey"  has marked its position approximately on Google Map.

7)  "Star Villas Turkey" cannot be held responsible for damage to the private or rented vehicle during transportation to the villa/ holiday rental.

8)  The defects of the transportation vehicles used for transportation to the villa are fully under the responsibility of the client. Situations like lack of engine power, the vehicle being close to the ground or novice drives have no relation with "Star Villas Turkey". Thus, "Star Villas Turkey" is not responsible for the transportation problems.

9) "Star Villas Turkey" marks the locations of the villas in the announcements as estimated over Google Maps. Stated locations are not 100% correct. Thus, the clients cannot claim rights for the locations.  The  renter  agrees to take this into account.

10) The airport specified in the distance table on the "" detail page is the closest airport to the villa / holiday rental.  Dalaman, Bodrum or Antalya etc. could be the airport.. You need to ask the "Star Villas Turkey" representative

 which airport is closest.  "Star Villas Turkey" cannot be held responsible for problems arising from purchasing a flight ticket to the wrong or distant airport.

11)  The distances specified in the distance table on "" are written by taking into consideration the nearest restaurant, the nearest beach, the nearest settlement, the road through which the nearest public transport passes and the nearest airport. If the specified restaurant or market is closed, Star Villas Turkey" does not accept any responsibility.

12)  As the injuries, broken arms and all kinds of similar situations that happen in and around the pool within the property have no relation with "Star Villas Turkey", "Star Villas Turkey" does not accept any responsibility.

13) There is no food and beverage at the villa/.holiday rental. The procurement of these products is under the responsibility of the renter .

14) Villas/holiday rentals. marketed by us.The vast majority of them have a hot water tank of about 160 liters heated by solar energy. The renter  is directly responsible for the problems caused by the lack of hot water due to excessive hot water consumption. "Star Villas Turkey" cannot be held responsible for the problems arising from this situation.

15) "Star Villas Turkey" does not intervene in the internet cuts stemming from the Telekom, electricity cuts stemming from the electricity distributing company and similar situations. Thus, "Star Villas Turkey" does not accept any responsibility.

16) All accidents and incidents to occur and caused by the renter  , fire, electricity leakage, tube leakage and the resulting deaths and accidents, telephone and internet interruptions caused by the internet provider (Türk Telekom etc.), power failure caused by the electricity Company, water cut caused by the water company "Star Villas Turkey" can not be held responsible.

17) EFT - Money Transfer, Cash, Credit Card, Online payment (virtual pos), even if you pay in the form of Mail order, you will definitely not receive a confirmation mail and renter confirmation document, without the confirmation of flight tickets, bus tickets, etc.. Even if you make the money payment to "Star Villas Turkey", if you do not receive a confirmation mail and confirmation document, you can pay the villa/holiday rental. you will not be considered to have rented. "Star Villas Turkey" cannot be held responsible for material and moral damages that may arise from these and similar situations, where the renter  acts in a hurry.

18) Photos of villas/holiday rentals that we have specified on our website. whether they are exactly the same, not what it looks like on the site, looks better on the site, is bigger or smaller on the site, etc. Such notifications cannot be accepted and Star Villas Turkey" cannot be held responsible for these complaints.

19) In villas/holiday rentals posted on our website "Star Villas Turkey" with their photos. found furniture, white goods, curtains, bedding sets, towels, electronic home appliances, all items offered to the use of the renter ; villas / cottages etc. due to aging, wear, deterioration, and become useless. can be changed by the owner, provided that the same standards are maintained. In these changes, the furniture, white goods, curtains, bed linen, towels, electronic home appliances and all items that are offered to the renter  can be changed in color and size, although standards are maintained. The renter  cannot hold "Star Villas Turkey" responsible for these changes.

20) "Star Villas Turkey" cannot be held responsible for any good or bad weather conditions and natural events.

21) The renter  is entirely responsible for incidents such as dog bites, insect bites, snake bites and similar events. "Star Villas Turkey" has no responsibility in this case.

22) The customer who prefers conservative villas whose pool is not visible from the outside should pay attention to the details on the page of the villa/holiday rental. It will state that the villa is suitable for conservative families, its pool is invisible from the outside, women with veils may prefer it, etc. If there is no statement that the villa/holiday rental is a conservative villa/holiday rental. "Star Villas Turkey" is absolutely not responsible for the problems arising from the rental of the villa without such statements. We recommend that the renter , who will rent the villa, reads all the details carefully